Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Me and My Lonesome Ass Friends"

This is why I don't need bullshit on my ipod.

Bedroom View

More sketches.

These are a few collage sketches I made starting about a year ago, they were initial experiments in style and process for some larger work I've been at lately. They've been lying around my bedroom for quite some time now, so I figured Id share them.

Some old collage-sketch that lives in the hallway. I feel compelled to take photos of my art before I move out. I'll post'em.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Norwegian Puppet Show Set - Process Photos

Here are some process photos of a set I built for  a Norwegian Art/Puppet Show. It was inspired by traditional Norwegian Stabbur design, although due to working with such a small budget, I had to simplify the design from our initial inspiration photo. For the most part, I built this entire structure myself in about 36 hours total build time, occasionally getting help from one of the artist's brother to make some cuts. The internal framework is pretty standard for how you would build a shed or barn.
We were actually invited to rebuild the structure at Viking Fest taking place in Brooklyn next Saturday, so hopefully that all works out.

The structure pushed the limits of the gallery at being just shy of 12ft tall and the top floor being around 10ftX10ft wide.

Friday, May 6, 2011

For fun, I thought I'd include an actual picture of my recent bedroom recently.

New Work

Recent Bedroom Recently
Digital Photo

Portrait of my piece Recent Bedroom, 2010  at home hanging out on my bedroom floor post-gallery life.

Figured it was about time to start posting my personal work. More to come.

Maryanne Casasanta

Coincident Occurrence: Art Determining Itself and Meaning/Signs in Action 2010