'Recent Bedroom' Recently
Digital Photo
Portrait of my piece Recent Bedroom, 2010 at home hanging out on my bedroom floor post-gallery life.
Currently on view @ wealltogether.org

Matt Pecina's work investigates personal landscapes both intentionally and unknowingly created by curating and manipulating objects to carve direct reflections of himself and his personal life into his home and everyday surroundings. His sculpture and collage/mixed-media work, is an attempt at capturing  moments found in these personal landscapes through the translation of texture, intuitive layering and purposeful choice of materials into visual narratives that often feel "lived-in."

Layered Goods is a personal catalogue of inspiration and Internet wanderings and a means to share and promote my own work in art and display, as well as the work of those who inspire me.

contact: mattpecina1@gmail.com
photo journal: landscapesandskyscrapes.tumblr.com
fine art portfolio: under construction
display design and production portfolio: http://be.net/mattpecina/frame