Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ronnie Fieg X Sebago

In Fieg's first collaboration with Sebago Docksides, his friends Joshua from Street Etiquette and Jake Davis stood in to model a couple pairs.

Soulland Presents: The Making of the Adler Fedora

Soulland // Making the Adler Fedora from Soulland on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Conversation On Cool

"The Impossible Cool" blogger, just started a new blog called "A Conversation On Cool" It still has the same vibe, with black and white nostalgic imagery usually of some industry icon, only this time its user submitted! Seems like fun. I bet people are gonna get pretty into being posted... like me!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Common Projects Summer Achilles

The serial number stamp does it for me. A simple sneaker that will give you the classic look of a Samba without being a cookie cutter.

The Layered Man: Kenji Summers

photo via

"The Layered Man" will be a new installment of profile features to Layered Goods. While the new tabs are currently under construction I wanted to give a sample as to the type of dude I'm interested in featuring. Kenji Summers is an aspiring taste maker, cool hunter, and marketing extraordinaire outta New York. His website's blog features fresh marketing ideas that illustrate a true insight into the ever evolving platforms of the industry, digital and street. Despite being a huge marketing nerd, Summers simply seems to know whats up, concerning.. pretty much all things cool. I guess that's the point huh? - A Creative visionary, innovative ideas and great style, Kenji Summers truly is a Layered Man.

Por Vovacao New Window Display

Moving Window from wwwPORVOCACAOcom on Vimeo.

I recently decided that display inspirations should and will be a big part of this blog, so consider this a first attempt. Por Vovacao is a mens wear store in Porto, Portugal. As a display coordinator and a big art and tech nerd, I'm pretty much drooling over this window scenario. The Anthropologie in me wishes there were some crazy faux mechanics going on, but i think the simplicity fits the linear, industrial concept and completely works for a mens store.

Bleu de Paname Spring/Summer 2010

Love the proportion of the thick braided belt.

Put This On, Episode 2: Shoes by Put This On

Put This On, Episode 2: Shoes from Put This On on Vimeo.

The dudes over at Put This On finally released their second video simply tittled Shoes. While shoes are probably the most important part of a man's wardrobe, you'd be amazed how little most men know about shoe care or even tying your shoes properly. (I swear my life was truly changed at 8:18.) - Recently I vowed my next pt job would be at a shoe repair (hit me up already Rico!) so I was pretty stoaked by the feature on Willie's Shoe Repair. Willie's apprentice had some pretty great advice on how to spot a well constructed shoe, but i was most taken away by his wicked mustache.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silent by Damir Doma Sneakers

The Uniform

Margaret Howell SS10
via The Fader


Porsche Design 5672

Makes you 20/20 dudes consider the clear-frame-sin, eh?

Theophilus London - ACCEPT THE NEW

Theophilus London - ACCEPT THE NEW from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

Accept the New - Prod. by Dam Funk "Fantasy"

THEOPHILUS LONDON is one of the brightest rappers, songwriter and/or producer outta Brooklyn right now. Fader magazine agrees and places him at "the center of the borough's new urban pop movement."
UK music chimes on about 'em: "...his patter is sumptuous, his look untouchable, his soundscapes plucked from mythical ghetto neverlands...he's the real deal."

-Accept the New is moving fast up my itunes play counter,London is simply the black guy Ive always wanted to be, (and think i am.) London is dripping with confidence without bringing some hard new york shit; Instead you get smart rhymes coupled with flirty groves and always on a beat that sounds like something off of an old Joe Jackson track. (Dare I say Hip Hop meets New Order?) Either way, Make no mistake London is embarking on something memorizing.

BACKYARD BILL: Brandon Harman New York

" Who is your style icon?
Not sure about that but George Michael the “faith” years, Hot Topic
teenagers and anything French."


Post Overalls Chambray Trousers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anachronorm Spring/Summer 2010 At Union

Chris Gibbs of Union, debuts Japanese brand Anachronorm this season at their LA spot. As dip-dyed garments have been all over women's SS10 collections, its kinda cool to see a smart execution of this trend for men.

Beautiful Japanese styling.

You can see more Spring jackets by Anachromorm over at Inventory.

MHL Drill Trousers

BARRY MCGEE - The Creative Lives

Barry McGee Feature from TheCreativeLives on Vimeo.

A master in the arrangement of space, Barry McGee talks about his current installation at the SFMOMA.

Friday, April 9, 2010

BEAMS PLUS Espadrille Deck Shoe

‘A Day in the Life of a Modern Activist’ Profile: Michael Daube


Apolis Activism is a brand dedicated to developing economies and their local artisan, thus providing social and economic opportunities throughout the world. It is truly inspiring to see such a socially responsible brand in a time when most are making cuts. Apolis Activism works to respond to any cultural, economic, political and enviromental problems within the industry.

Apolis Activism explains their Current Feature best:
"We seasonally feature a modern activist that is a direct extension of our brand because we recognize that authentic results come from daily partnerships. This allows us to be equally responsible for any success or failure. This spring we tribute ‘A Day in the Life of a Modern Activist’ to Michael Daube and the Citta Himalayan knitting cooperative for partnering with us to create the Transit Elite Sweater."

You can read the full feature here.

Mjolk 2010 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

“It’s a chronicle representation of life from adolescence to adulthood, the collection imagines an array of scenarios that may place a small boy in the large coat of his father or follow a young man to the purchase of his first tailored suit or later in life–the relaxed clothes of leisure.”

-Although simplicity reins in this collection, I do feel the strength lies in the play with exaggerated proportions and contrasting textures. If anything, Swedish/Australian brand Mjolk provides the viewer (and wearer) with a conceptually compelling collection all too familiar to any man who found himself digging through his fathers closet as a boy.

More looks can be found here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aloe Blacc "I Need A Doller" Official Music Video

Stomacher – Untitled/Dark Divider by Sean Stiegemeier

Stomacher - Untitled/Dark Divider from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

Although I'm not much feeling the track, Sean Stiegemeier shows us Prague, Japan, Banff, Utah, Oregon, and California, through his Canon 5D with an Anamorphic 35mm lens. This video is simply stunning.

J.Crew Fall/Winter 2010 Men’s Collection Catalog

J Crew has just dropped their Fall/Winter 2010 Men's Collection Catalog and it also happens to be my Christmas wish list. Although it might be way too warm to be thinking about winter, you can rest assured that designer Frank Muytjens is not by any means slowing down and niether are the collaborations.(Red Wing, Kelty, Russell Moccasin and Crescent Down Works)

Billy Reid Spring/Summer 2010

Some of my favorite looks this season are being perfected by the South's very own Billy Reed.
In addition to having quite an inspiring story himself, Reed's stores convey their own southern narrative through purposefully designed interiors. If you've ever been into a Billy Reed store, then you know what i mean; The spaces do a fantastic job employing some clever merchandising with southern memorabilia and props without feeling like a Cracker Barrel. Though the entire Billy Reed aesthetic is especially relevant this season, Billy Reed manages to remain distinct with some powerful styles in his SS 2010 collection.


Check out the famous Roots-crew covering the legendary J. Dilla.

Timex Oversize Camper Watch

Come July, This will be mine.
Thanks GQ

REPOST* Backyard Bill: William Eadon New York

Turns out you can get these mighty fine pleated khaki trousers at

Thanks to "lostlucien" for the tip!

NO AGE meets High Fashion?

No Age recently did a score for the short film Aenteni made by Todd Cole for Rodarte. It seems the grimey-atmospheric sounds of No Age create a perfect back drop for a high fashion sci-fi short.(Whodathunk?)This last Wednesday, They performed the score live at the Red Cat in Downtown LA. This rendition not only calls back to a more traditional No Age performance but is about twice as long, which is more than fine by me.


Friday, April 2, 2010

10 Deep X Timberland "The Mighty Duck"

Yo Marketing Nerds: Logorama

Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo.

The film was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. It opened the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and won a 2010 academy award under the category of animated short.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BACKYARD BILL: William Eadon New York

New Post at Backyard Bill. Im really digging those pleated khakis. Its a nice contrast against the t and sneakers.