Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Run Of The Mill is a new online shop put together by a few good men with the honorable intention of simply curating their favorite styles and pieces. Featuring design collaborations with none other than Mark McNairy, the new creative director for heritage label Woolrich Woolen Mills, their Spring/Summer lineup is small but smartly tailored.
It seems the guys at ROTM decided to knock us out with the first punch; Their first colab with McNairy is the Loden Green Suede Longwing, a deep olive suede wingtip with a natural/welted crepe sole. By adding some light leather laces, this new classic will be perfect for transitioning into fall. Personally, I can't get over the 8 pocket Navy Cargo pants by Mark McNairy New Amsterdam which at $238 might leave you with nothing to fill all those pockets with, but at the least, I'm feeling inspired to thrift a similar pair and visit the tailor.

The Sebago Nexus Project

via Culture Shoq

More on the Sebago Nexus Project from Layered Goods here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aristocratic Elegance by Le Flux for FW 2010

The Field House Trusty Workshop Apron in natural w/blue

In my ongoing quest for the perfect work apron, I am extremely excited to see this design by Blackbird's Billy Bartels in collaboration with sail maker George Broom. Although the sartorial elements are undeniable, (the pinstripe denim pockets against the weathered canvas is just too smart), some of the more subtle details can only really be appreciated as a carpenter and builder, (such as the sawdust-free pocket flap and the crossing back-straps for added support.) Even as I'm currently drooling over my keyboard at this fine piece of craftsmanship, I still feel there are some modifications needed to have the perfect Display Coordinator's apron. Thus I've come to the conclusion that my only hope is to design and hopefully construct my own signature apron, complete with an energy drink koozie... not really. But In all seriousness,  if all works out, this will be my first Layered Goods design colab and hopefully lead to many more. Since this is only just an initial idea, I am definitely curious as to you thoughts and suggestions, especially those of you in Texas and might know of some local  denim/canvas or other goods supplier to reach out to. How can I take this project to the next level?  I will definitely keep you posted as I begin to outline this project and source materials.

Via Blackbird

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All American Confidence

 Daymon Green of Coat of Arms NYC

I love the subtle pin-stripe jeans. This guy knows exactly what he's doing.

Via William Yan

Undefeated X Generic Man: Army vs Navy lookbook & video teaser 2

Once you get past the "cheese" of the iMovie Aged Film effect, The second Army vs Navy series video teaser is actually pretty informative. Not only does it offer a sneak preview of the vintage military textiles used in the colab, but it almost acts as a simple how-to of basic shoe construction.

Garbstore Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jake Davis Test Shots for Fashionista : Hayley Phelan

Jake Davis Test Shots: Hayley Phelan from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

This week in Jake Davis's Test Shots series for Fashionista, Hayley Phelan, former Fashionista intern and current Teen Vogue online editorial assistant is profiled. Again I love the heavy feminine and masculine contrast in this look.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parrot Canvas Utility Tote

Just ordered this gem. This is going to be perfect for carrying my tools back and forth to work.

Apolis + Katin Film Release

Apolis Activism: Katin USA from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.

Check out the Chambray Trunk Style here.

More on Apolis Activism from Layered Goods.

Nicole sky of Nina Sky

In attempt to share more style inspiration from women's wear, Do any of my female readers have any blog/website suggestions? Especially if their style is menswear influenced. Nina Sky is wearing my daily uniform in this photo; she always manages to keep her femininity while looking dope as hell in her menswear.

via William Yan

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whillas & Gunn Autumn/Winter 2010

The Sebago Nexus Project

Ronnie Fieg Presents: The Sebago Nexus Project - Trailer by Jake Davis from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Several months ago, Shoe Designer Ronnie Fieg had an idea. With the increasing rise of influence possessed by those owning the blogosphere, it only made sense that his next collaboration had to be with his favorite online tastemakers. Backed by Sebago, Ronnie called to arms his "Dream Team," a swag-tag group of influential bloggers currently carving the way for menwear and men's lifestyle in general, to form The Sebago Nexus Project. 
Soon Marcus Troy, Jake Davis, Greg Weinstein of Culture Shoq, William Yan, and Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette all found themselves at Sebago’s Dominican Republic Facility where they were asked to redesign Sebago's classic styles to create a series of ten custom Sebago shoes. What really inspired me about the project was that each participant not only designed but worked hands on with Sebagos craftsmen to construct the first pair, a truly fairytale-like experience for these Bloggers who most of which have no formal background. This collaboration is not only a testament to the power of the internet, but to the power of one's unique voice. In an online world where everyone's ideas can be shared, original thought, talent, good taste and hustle is still worth everything.
Throughout the summer, each blogger will have their own trailer filmed by Jake Davis which will debut on their respective sites. The shoes will be available exclusively at David Z’s flagship store in New York as well as,,,,,

Dogfish Head "Bitches Brew"


Monday, June 7, 2010

Red Wing Leather On Your Wrist

via Watches 24 Seven

Do You Know?: Fatsarazzi

fats: DO YOU KNOW? from Luke Monaghan on Vimeo.

Industry Mastermind and London-creative Fatsarazzi (aka Fats Shariff) is no stranger to the limelight. Fats has become an icon in the world of Streetwear and fashion in general having been the creative force behind many influential streetwear labels such as Gimme 5, GoodEnoughUk, A Bathing Ape, Silas, Vans & Maharish. Now after establishing himself as a renowned fashion photographer, trensetter, cool hunter and "Blog Father," its really no wonder why he was asked to be the first to be featured in a new video series entitled "Do You Know?" directed by Yemi Bamiro and Luke Monaghan.

Check out his Blog Here.


Photos by Hance @

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jake Davis for Fashionista

Jake Davis Test Shots: Laurel Pantin from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

With a recent effort to gradually include more womens wear and style within Layered Goods, It seems Jake Davis's Test Shot series for Fashionista is right on time. Jake Davis describes his series as "women pulling off menswear so much better than we can." This first installment features Laurel Pantin, Teen Vogue beauty assistant.

You can check out the second series vid here.

The Archipelago Collection by Human Scales

 Swedish brand Human Scales just released a new collection called Archipelago. Although this line is heavily inspired by marine life and and fishermen of the past, Human Scales brings a fresh approach to these classic ideas without feeling too overly nautical.

Check out other styles from the collection and from Human Scales here

J. Crew for Timex 1600 Watch

A refined counterpart to the Jcrew's vintage military style Timex, the 1600's classic design is humble, but ever so elegant. At a cool $195, its an honorable consideration for those who just cant find the right vintage ticker.

via JCrew