Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Field House Trusty Workshop Apron in natural w/blue

In my ongoing quest for the perfect work apron, I am extremely excited to see this design by Blackbird's Billy Bartels in collaboration with sail maker George Broom. Although the sartorial elements are undeniable, (the pinstripe denim pockets against the weathered canvas is just too smart), some of the more subtle details can only really be appreciated as a carpenter and builder, (such as the sawdust-free pocket flap and the crossing back-straps for added support.) Even as I'm currently drooling over my keyboard at this fine piece of craftsmanship, I still feel there are some modifications needed to have the perfect Display Coordinator's apron. Thus I've come to the conclusion that my only hope is to design and hopefully construct my own signature apron, complete with an energy drink koozie... not really. But In all seriousness,  if all works out, this will be my first Layered Goods design colab and hopefully lead to many more. Since this is only just an initial idea, I am definitely curious as to you thoughts and suggestions, especially those of you in Texas and might know of some local  denim/canvas or other goods supplier to reach out to. How can I take this project to the next level?  I will definitely keep you posted as I begin to outline this project and source materials.

Via Blackbird


  1. If you want us to make your dream apron, we would.

    Owner, Blackbird

  2. That could be very cool, What do you have in mind? Ill be emailing you guys.