Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The New Dynamic Sound of Evan Voytas" ep

Evan Voytas first caught my attention back in January with his releases on RCRDLBL.COM. The singles I live this life here for you, and What would i do that for dominated my computer speakers for weeks, with their sunshine pop rhythms created by pounding guitars with heavy reverb, and soaring candy coated synths. I swore it was love at first sight, but soon it turned out to be just a bottled crush, puppy love, if you will. With releases from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Phoenix, and the countless Bradford Cox mp3's, I soon found us growing apart and the proof was in my Last fm play counter. - Anyways I was a goddamn fool, and He still fucking rocks. Today he released a new EP entitled "The New Dynamic Sound of Evan Voytas." The Sound is a bit New for Voytas, (M83 meets Passion Pit meets Cocteau Twins meets The Secret Machines???) but what hasn't changed is his ability to create unbelievable pop hits. His recent single off his new record, Getting Higher is a perfect example of his diversity in instrumentation. Be it loud guitars or broken electronics, the consistency of his catchy-rainbow-lovin'-funk has yet to disappoint. Check this guy out, and be seduced by the flirty groves of a pop mastermind.



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