Friday, August 13, 2010

Free & Easy - Indigo Dyeing

While packing for New York, I stumbled upon an old pair of vintage white bucks in my closet that had been buried away after spilling red wine on them at a party, (it was a late night.) As a natural born hoarder, I couldn't stand to toss 'em out, so in the midsts of brainstorming some way to reuse them I remembered this clipping from Free & Easy I had seen on Mister Crew a while back.  
This morning I brought them into work and set them in a dye bath of Rit Denim Blue.  I've never dyed shoes before so I'm pretty interested to see how they turn out once they dry. I'll try to post some pics when they're done.


  1. is this from that magazine i gave you?

  2. this is really awesome. gonna have to try it out!