Sunday, November 28, 2010

2 facebook messages/2 self-invasions of privacy.

Facebook message to a girl I wanted to date, but never did.

I once read that "life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee
affords." -out of context its a line that has stuck with me, Especially when I find myself in accord with the grand tradition of coffee-seeking young men. Do i really want a cup of coffee? I guess not really, but I would like to make conversation in a mutually comfortable environment and have something to do with my hands so I don't make a complete awkward mess of myself. -sigh
I happen to know of a dusty hole in the wall where a cup of coffee cost a little more than a buck and is served by an aging hippie that could kick my ass. He's usually watching a black and white movie on his computer and the place smells like my room. I like it. Its also pretty close to the New Museum. SO- in short,
Would you like to get a cup of coffee on Saturday?

Facebook message to a girl I use to date, but now I don't.


im drunk.
and last night i had a dream.
i was at the house i grew up in.
and you were there taking a shwoer,
amd I knocked on the door and you opend it.
and i dont remember what i had to tell you, but the entire time i was pretending like you wernt naked. I was trying not to react at all.,
and you stood there. and you didnt react at all.
and we didnt do anbything or react. and that was it.
and then i woke up.;

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