Sunday, November 28, 2010

anonymous sculpture

anonymous sculpture

texas autoshop coffee


“We’re lookin’ at about an hour and a half,” he says.
The old man knows patience all too well although
Patience’s hand has never been stretched my way,
time enough only for these couple of tires,
enough only to waste my afternoon.
And he knows we cant find conversation
So he chooses his own seat and turns to his Bible.
My seat finds me across the floor
And While he finds a passage and begins to read I watch him
because I don’t understand how he does this
so easily. So intently, you can see it.
I immitate his face, and almost smile. but He'll never know.
I open my book

And catch an old mexican woman's gaze and of course she smiles
And Of course I smile back. Most appropriately,
her daughter sits close, and even more appropriately
they dont say much. The younger is involved
in what ever shit was playing on day time tv, I’m sure it was court tv.
I got up and poured myself some free coffee.
I don’t know why because everything free is sure to be shitty,
But I poured in some free powdered creamer
and stirred.
i could feel the old womans eyes again. As i started back for my seat
I thought to offer some to grandpa, but i didnt.

the ol' man had looked up from his bible and was smiling

at the flamboyant judge.

it’s raining thick outside and I so hate the smell of rubber.

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