Friday, April 3, 2009


clever eh?

8 bit sampling, also known as chiptuning, is the act of taking chips from vintage hardware (mostly old video game consoles as the trend goes) and putting them into synths to make music machines. And as the 80's recall continues old Nentindos and Ataris have been sampled more then ever.
I mean we've all heard 8 bit sampling before at your last Epic but oh so typical hipster dance party, with the likes of Crystal Castles, Health Disco, Sarebrepulse, Justice, Beck and the list goes on and on. Its actually became quite boring since this trend of chiptunning in dance music has been around since about 07. But the process is actually quite interesting, Antenna magazine put out a pretty good article on "Bitcrushin' It" just last winter by Matt Bean.

-I was pleased this morning to tune in to K104 and here some fine 8 bit sampling in Lil'Flips 03 release Game Over. which was quite ahead of his time.


Cant get enough? Check out an up and comming rapper Finale from Detroit who in preparation for his new album A Pipe Dream and a Promise, just dropped an 8 bit Remix to his track "One Man Show" which is actually pretty fuckin dope. Id plan on watching this guy as hes sure to blow up.

That track can be downloaded for free courtesy of here:

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