Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh shit its Wednesday

I was 16 (2005) and had just started my first job at Coldstone Creamery, when the near by Virgin Records announced its going out of business sale, which was music to my ears, only literally because on my breaks i got to go and grab super cheap cd's. Eventually the selection got pretty thin, and as a young hustler in the music game i resorted to buying albums based on cover art. Go figure.
The last week they were open i purchased:

M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us

and Pheonix - Alphabetical

Two of the best purchases of my life.
I soon after bought their preceding albums, and fell in love. This is pretty much what got me through junior year, my first girlfriend, and my first break up.
Both albums continue to be two of my favorite of all time, but whats made these purchases so impacting is that both bands continued to put out good, solid records that seemed to grow with me as my own music taste matured. Not to mention both bands have risen to well deserved popularity.

Phoenix back then was not new but a only just emerging French Pop band , heavily 80's R&B and pop influenced and Dance-y as hell. They had an album in 2000 called United that had gained them some recognition in the UK before their release of Alphabetical in 2004. If you remember the apartment dance party scene in Lost in Translation, Bill Murry's Character's new friends were jamming to "Everything is Everything" of Alphabetical after karaoke. Later in the scene he comments on how good the music was.

OK, Basically what I'm getting at is Phoenix continues to hold true since our first meeting and simply fuckin rock. They realeased a hipster dance party hit album in 2006 called Its Never Been Like That, And It seems they are due for a clean follow up with their new album Wolfgang Amadeus which is scheduled to drop May 26th, with an already popular single 1901."

So yeah to all the art snobs who made me turn off Alphabetical in Drawing class in high school so you could listen to Xiu Xiu and Coco Rosie,

a big fuck you. You will be dancing to Phoenix all summer just like me.

that is all.

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