Friday, April 24, 2009

"Free Friday"

I cant begin to describe my excitement when i remembered i had a completely punched Which Wich Loyalty Card.
So today I had a free chicken salad sandwhich.

Its kinda stupid how much better a really good thing can be when its free.

Here is another really good thing you can get for free:

Experimental Dentist School's new album Forest Field.
I once read that everything out of Portland sounds/feels/smells/tastes like damp dirt.
In a very good way, i keep finding this to be true.
In the case of Experimental Dentist School, its like a walking bare foot through a flower bed after a cool shower of melted electricity.....

Its becoming one of my favorite records this year and more importantly its free.
Just go download it.

(FYI: This blog was more so about the chicken salad.)

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