Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Blu-Untitled(LovedU)2 x GodArt from www.loveonthebeat.net on Vimeo.

Clips from a Jean Luc Goddard Movie, and Who isn't inspired by New Wave film? Here's a remix that borderlines cheese and good nostaligia, but i figured it was worth sharing anyways. (after all im a sucker for this shit)


  1. Damn this shit has such a nice vibe.

    The beat stands alone.

    Great use of a classic Radiohead song over a smooth rhythm and a simple driving beat. Not to mention the perfect relationship it has over the film. Both the track and film compliment each other well. (Kinda like black shirts and gold chains.) lol
    Props to the producer for this one though. It's rare that Radiohead is sampled- and sampled well, so I love it when shit like this happens. This would definitely go on "_The 1 Train_" playlist.

    P.S. Did he mention Lil Wayne?

  2. Couldn't agree more bee. Sampling radiohead would seem like a deathwish, it could easily come off so trite. Blu manages to pull it off with class. I think his success lies in the album choice, amnesiac. plus the chopping up of the lyrics, so no words are audible. This would go on "My broke ass needs a ride to work" playlist