Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red Wing

Yesterday I mentioned Red Wing Boots as my next buy, so I thought I'd share with you a little insight into the iconic nature of Red Wing as an All-American Work Boot. For over a hundred years they have been trusted as the boot of choice for most American labor workers, (I know my Grandfather has an old pair I'd love to steal if his foot wasn't so small.) If you're a working man, you are sure to appreciate the quality and durability of pair of red wings. As a Display Coordinator, i often feel like a construction worker, so for me, a good pair of boots is pretty essential. Im kinda losing my mind these days as my pair of vintage Justin boots are completely worn out at this point.

Recently's Cut & Show series took a tour of the Red Wing Factory in Minnesota, you can check out that video at their site here. The video is a little dry but worth checking out if you're well rested and want a lil' history lesson. Either way, As work wear styles continue to inspire designers this year, Red Wing is an appropriate boot for those who grind hard on their feet, and want to look good doing it.

J Crew has a few styles worth checking out or you can always buy direct.

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